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BiizBee File Split Merge Pro 2.0.1

Product Summary
License: Freeware
Price: US$ 00.00
Operating system: Windows 7 and later
Released on: 01 Jan , 2016
Size: 4.8 MB

BiizBee File Split Merge Pro is a "two-in-one", simple to use software tool to split virtually any files and merge the split files without any software. This tool can also merge any text files as the user like. While the split tool is useful for any one, the "Text File Merge" tool is a very helpful tool for data stewards, data analysts, statisticians, database developers, and database administrators, saving money and time.

Occasionally we need to transfer or store large files where the media could not handle it. In these situations we could easily split the file, with this software, into smaller file chunks and do whatever we like. The ?File Split? tool can handle very large files, as long as the memory limitations and the disk capacity restrictions are met. In a testing, a 51.5GB database file was split (and merged) successfully in 3.5 hours. Depending on the scenario, you can either give the number of file chunks or give the file chunk size. You will not need this software when merging back the split file. This is definitely a plus since you do not need install this software on the destination where you (or the recipient of the split files) merge the split files.

The File Merge can handle very large files as long as the memory limitations and the disk capacity restrictions are met. For ?File Merge?, you can choose the text data files from different folders in the computer. During the merging, you can exclude given number of lines either from the beginning of the files or from the end of the files. You can include additional data (like file name, file count, empty line or any text) in between files. At present, only text files can be merged. The text file extensions can be any thing. You can set the merging order after selection. There is no limit on the number of records merged. The "BiizBee File Split Merge Pro" comes with an excellent help file which is also available as Online Help