Data Services
Data Manipulation
Data Conversion
We are specialized in data manipulation in different aspects. In many cases several businesses and individuals want to convert data from one data source to another. The data sources can be different databases like MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, and text files.

The final output also can be in different formats. We are capable of handling multiple file formats.

Data cleaning and data formatting
In several cases, many businesses end up in having dirty databases with duplicated data and data end up in wrong fields. A mailing list may be a typical scenario where data entry operators key in street names into postcode fields, suburb names into 'City' fields and 'Phone' numbers into 'Fax' number fields.

In these cases, a proper cleaning of data is needed time to time. We are here to make your life easier. We have years of experience in data cleaning and formatting.

Customised data tools
In many cases, we may find ourselves in a situation where we have to do certain tasks repeatedly. A typical example would be formatting a phone field time to time or generating exception lists (on bad data) time to time. We then realize that a small software tool would be handy to solve those issues and would save thousands we would otherwise spend in outsourced data cleaning or valuable internal staffs' time.

In these cases, a smart data tool would solve the issues and here, we once again come to your aid in developing the tool according to your own requirement.

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